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Indoor Climbing

Learn about Indoor Climbing

Our indoor climbing wall is the centerpiece of Base Camp and simulates the natural rock face of the St. Croix River bluffs near Taylors Falls. Try one of 16 routes between 24 and 32 feet high. Our wall provides a physical and mental challenge to climbers of all ages and abilities.

Using a climbing rope that can hold more than 5000 pounds, Base Camp guides belay participants and protect them from falling. If your group has the time and wants an added team building challenge, our guides can also provide belay training to adults and youth in 6th grade or older.

Harnesses and helmets are included, but you can use your own equipment if you bring your proof of purchase date and get it inspected by a Base Camp lead guide. Climbers must be in Kindergarten or older and wear closed toed shoes.

Indoor Climbing