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A Real Hero

Through the eyes of Base Camp

A Base Camp Blog?

You bet! My name is Alex. Although I will be publishing these blogs, I will frequently have guest writers! Check in regularly for inspiration to get out of your comfort zone through the eyes of the heroes who come and go at Base Camp.

True Story

I hear a lot of things at Base Camp. Recently, a stray cheer echoed “conquer that rock wall and then you will conquer the world!” I giggled, as he was probably half-joking. However, it takes a hero to conquer the rock wall. It takes a hero to beat any challenge.

The word “hero” has a slightly different definition for all of us. Whether it’s a good parent, a veteran, a volunteer, a man with spider powers, or one who wears a bat costume, the list goes on. It’s not every day that I’m stopped in my tracks by someone I know and think to myself “Wow, what a hero.” But if I take a closer look, people do heroic things around me all the time.

What Does it Mean to Me?

There’s a trait that all heroes share, and that is pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone. Hercules left his parents to accomplish great things. I bet that wasn’t very comfortable. It’s not always that drastic, I think that it’s heroic to pull yourself out of bed each morning and face this intimidating world. In pop-culture we fit the hero’s journey into a movie, or a book. Life doesn’t work that way, we are in it for the long haul, and a real life hero is made by a series of small decisions.

We don’t get to have a training montage like Rocky. In order to accomplish our dreams and aspirations it takes breaking out of what is comfortable for you. This is a step-by-step process. Here is a throwback for you. In August 2015, KSTP-Twin Cities Live wanted to remind themselves of what it’s like to get out of their comfort zone, and step into adventure. Check out the clip below to see the Twin Cities Live crew 30 feet in the air.

That’s what Base Camp is all about. Instead of trusting that you can conquer any obstacle, you can show yourself. Being a hero means overcoming adversity, and making an impact on others’ lives. By pairing the intense challenges of a rock wall or high ropes course with team-building exercises, Base Camp is the spark and the fuel for a future leader, and a hero. Before long, you can be just like Tom Cruise in this next clip.

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