Leadership Center

The Next Step for Base Camp

After seeing the wonderful Base Camp facility, you might be wondering what's next for Northern Star Council? The answer is The Leadership Center, our newest program facility - Opening Fall of 2017!

This exciting new program building will be constructed on the same property as Base Camp at Fort Snelling. The building will include a Scout Shop, program space for our leadership curriculum, interactive exhibits, and administrative offices for Northern Star Council. Once the Leadership Center opens, the two current administrative offices in Saint Paul and Golden Valley will be closed. We have been piloting leadership curriculum modeled after the BSA's Grey Wolf youth leadership training and Wood Badge adult leadership training curriculum. We call our one-day program: Emerging Leaders. The target audience has been middle school aged youth, but we've piloted the program with youth of all ages. Our one-day course covers the following content:

  • What is leadership?
  • Leadership and Values
  • Visioning
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Personal Reflection

We have the curriculum written for a three-day leadership program and will be testing this very soon.

Design and Construction Timeline:

The design phase started in March of 2015 and will continue through early 2017.

The construction phase will begin in the second quarter of 2017 and is expected to last one year.

What is The Leadership Center?

The Leadership Center is your next adventure after Base Camp, teaching you how to lead and be a leader for the rest of your life. Opening in 2018, The Leadership Center will focus on individual leadership skills for junior high and high school students, building on the teamwork and problem solving that Base Camp teaches.

The Leadership Center will have single-day field trips and multiple day trainings that focus on different skills and parts of leadership.

We're piloting new programs now and your group could be a great fit to help us test! We're looking for:

  • Student Councils
  • AVID Programs
  • Sports Captains
  • Sports Teams
  • Student Leadership Teams
  • College Prep Programs

If you have an interest in learning more about these programs and becoming a pilot group contact our Base Camp Director, Kathryn Wyatt at or 612-767-0050. Funding is available to cover these program costs in most cases.