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Alex Monette

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Alex’s goal is to connect you with the program you’re looking for. He is excited to introduce you to Base Camp.


Degree: University of Minnesota. B.S. in Health and Wellness - emphasis in Hospital Administration

Certifications: Boys lacrosse Level 3 Official, Limited X-ray technician

Alex has a passion for helping others. Off the clock, Alex has a continued role in the Minnesota Lacrosse community.  Over time, he has shaped his role in assisting others through varied experiences.  As a social worker, Alex learned the importance of empathy, care, and mentorship. As a referee, he learned the importance of discipline and authority in education and health. As a marketer, he saw the impact of reaching the masses and conveying the right message. Collectively, this has brought Alex to Base Camp where he feels he has found an outlet to change lives for the better.


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The Base Camp Team