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David Donovan

Base Camp Program Director

Since 2012, David has been using his knowledge of the outdoors at Base Camp.


Degree: University of Minnesota: B.S. in Ecology

Other Certifications: Red Cross First Aid & CPR, BSA Archery Rangemaster, MN DOT Landscape Specialist, Firearm Safety, COPE Director, Project Get Outdoors Leader

David's no rookie, he's been on staff at Base Camp since September 2012. He grew up in nearby Saint Louis Park and has lived in Minnesota his entire life. David credits his early family experiences hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping as the main reasons for his passion for the outdoors. He's worked in both natural resources management and outdoor education fields.

Base Camp lets David align his knowledge of the environment with a growing interest and skillset in youth development and education. David's favorite part of working at Base Camp is how much he learns from the guides and participants that pass through every day..


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