Adjusted Base Camp Offerings

Base Camp is open for program reservations - following the guidelines below

These are the adjusted guidelines for Base Camp reservations that will be in place at least through March 1, 2021.

General Guidelines

All our programs will follow current Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines for youth programs. When these guidelines change, we will re-evaluate our offerings and restrictions as needed.

For ALL Reservations

  • We will only schedule ONE group in the facility at a time
  • Program groups (and any event including youth) cannot exceed 45 participants
    • Groups with more than 15 participants will be sub-divided into smaller pods while participating in activities to follow MDH youth program guidelines
  • Indoor meetings cannot exceed modified room capacities. Call customer service for more details prior to making your room reservation.
  • Full Facility Reservations (Large Events) – per MDH guidelines, our event capacity is 200 people. If your event includes youth, you must follow youth program guidelines (see above).

Weekdays (Monday – Friday)

  • Unit and small group programming in the Team Building Center is allowed
  • Reservations can start at 6:30 pm or later
  • Starting on February 1: Mobile (off site) Field Trip programs will be allowed
  • Starting on March 1: On site Field Trip programs will be allowed following adjusted group size and safety guidelines
  • Programs NOT available: Space Shuttle and Full Day Leadership Program


  • All programs must start on the hour – 9 am is the earliest
  • Lock ins are allowed but we will NOT be able to provide sleeping cots and there will be an added $25 cleaning fee
  • Programs NOT available: Space Shuttle and Full Day Leadership Program

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