Field Trip

Outdoor Skills Field Trip

A 5 hour field trip with shelter building, orienteering, fire building, and survival basics

Our Outdoor Skills Field Trip is a fun day both outside and inside where students incorporate shelter building, fire building, orienteering, and outdoor survival skills using teamwork and problem solving.

This five hour field trip is best suited for 4th-8th grades but we can adapt it to be a great experience for 1st-3rd grade as well as 9th-12th grade.

We can offer this field trip year round but spring, summer, or fall dates will offer the most chances to be outside!


If you're ready to come out for an outdoor skills field trip, just fill out a Field Trip Request Form and send it to [email protected].

This Field Trip May Include

  • Survival

    Survival basics will help you get through an emergency

  • Shelter Building
    Shelter Building

    Learn and build a variety of outdoor survival shelters.

  • Orienteering

    Orienteering is an add-on program at Base Camp teaching map reading and directions.

  • Fire Building
    Fire Building

    Learn to make a fire, the proper way.

Outdoor Skills Field Trip

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