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Base Camp is the perfect place for your next school or community group field trip! Our year-round program and facility is sure to provide a memorable and meaningful experience. From single-day to multi-day field trips, we have something to offer everyone with focus areas in team building, leadership, outdoor skills, and fitness.

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Teamwork Field Trip

Teamwork Field Trip

A 5 hour field trip with rock climbing, archery, and team building

Base Camp's most popular field trip is our team building program. Students will explore trust, problem-solving, and personal challenge through experiential rock climbing, archery, and small group team building activities with guided reflections.

Why Team Building?

Our team building sessions encourage personal growth through tailored activities designed for your group's unique dynamics.

Students who have never picked up a bow can see success quickly in archery, building self-esteem. Rock climbing is all about trust, without it, students won't succeed. These activities are some of the core elements of our team building field trips.

This five hour experience is encouraged for Kindergarten through 8th-grade students. High Schoolers are also welcome! Just note on your Field Trip Request form and we'll be able to accommodate more advanced activities to fit your needs.


If you're ready to book your team building field trip, just fill out new reservation request on our online reservation system.

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