School & Community Youth

Your Base Camp adventure awaits

Looking for a more active outing for your kids? We've got you covered. Most of our programs have a 10 person minimum and range from 1 hour to 6. They are perfect for school clubs, sports teams, church youth groups, and other youth-serving organizations who want to develop team building skills, cultivate new leaders, or just have fun.

We have programs for kids in Kindergarten through 12th grade. To see all our program options and prices, check out our Youth Program Catalog.


To make your reservation, just fill out a Youth Program Request Form and send it to [email protected]. If you want multiple programs to run simultaneously, please fill out a separate Youth Program Request Form for each program.

This Program May Include

  • Team Building
    Team Building

    Our team building activities can help make your group stronger.

  • Survival

    Survival basics will help you get through an emergency

  • Space Shuttle Simulator
    Space Shuttle Simulator

    See what it takes for an entire team to launch a shuttle into space and land again safely.

  • Shelter Building
    Shelter Building

    Learn and build a variety of outdoor survival shelters.

  • Robotics

    Build, program, and test your very own robot.

  • Ozobot Robotics

    Learn to code with your robot through a number of fun games and puzzles.

  • Outdoor Ropes Course
    Outdoor Ropes Course

    Work cooperatively with teammates through several elements that build trust at 30 feet off the ground.

  • Orienteering

    Orienteering is an add-on program at Base Camp teaching map reading and directions.

  • LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
    LEGO Robotics

    Build, program, and test the performance of your own robot in a variety of challenges.

  • Introduction to Leadership Styles
    Introduction to Leadership Styles

    A collaborative exercise prompting self-awareness through leadership situations.

  • Indoor Ropes Course
    Indoor Ropes Course

    Our indoor ropes course lets your climb year-round.

  • Indoor Climbing
    Indoor Climbing

    Our indoor rock climbing wall is the centerpiece of Base Camp.

  • Immersive Leadership Portal
    Immersive Leadership Portal

    Team challenges that surround leaders with 360 degrees of video, sound, and touch technology.

  • Fire Building
    Fire Building

    Learn to make a fire, the proper way.

  • Find Your True North Assessment
    Find Your True North Assessment

    Take our personal leadership style inventory to find out what kind of leader you are.

  • Belay Training
    Belay Training

    Take your climbing or high ropes program to the next level with belay training.

  • Archery

    Archery is our most popular activity at Base Camp

  • Additional Leadership Curriculum
    Additional Leadership Curriculum

    Facilitated lessons and exercises on the topics of inclusion, exploring perspective, personal values, leadership vision, community engagement and more.

School & Community Youth

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