Youth Program Policies & Procedures

Policies for Youth Program reservations


Youth groups can make reservations up to six months in advance. All reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance by emailing a complete Youth Program Request Form to [email protected]. Program reservations are not confirmed until the group leader receives a confirmation email.


A 50% deposit of program fees is required upon making a reservation for all groups. Deposits are based on the estimated number of participants and can be adjusted if the number of participants is lowered at least one week in advance of the program date. Checks (made payable to Northern Star Council) or credit card payments (Visa, Discover, MasterCard) are accepted. This deposit is nonrefundable if a lesser number of participants attend the program than the estimate on record one week in advance. The deposit is also forfeited if the program is cancelled less than three weeks in advance. Deposits are transferable to another date if rescheduled at least three weeks in advance.

If the estimated number of participants changes at any time, please let Base Camp know by calling 612-767-0042. If the estimated number is lowered more than one week ahead of the scheduled program, the nonrefundable deposit will be adjusted.


The remaining balance is due upon arrival at Base Camp by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), check (made payable to Northern Star Council), or cash. Groups wishing to be invoiced must make arrangements at the time of reservation. Youth day program groups with fewer than 10 participants will be charged the 10 participant program minimum (with the exception of the 6 participant minimum for the one hour Space Shuttle program). Lock-in groups with fewer than 12 participants will be charged the 12 participant lock-in minimum.


Reservations cancelled at least three weeks in advance can transfer their deposit to a new date. Reservations cancelled less than three weeks in advance will forfeit any deposits paid.


Scholarship requests must be submitted at the time the reservation is made. Base Camp requires a minimum of three weeks to process scholarship requests. Scholarship requests received after a program date will not be accepted. Scholarships are only dispersed for actual youth attendees and are based on a per youth value. Schools may not use scholarship funds from no-shows to pay a remaining balance. Funds are allocated on an annual basis and are limited. To improve the chance of receiving a scholarship, submit the scholarship request form with the field trip request form as early as possible.

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